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Locked down no more: The great escape to the Scottish wilds

When Covid hit and lockdowns were enforced, my partner and I found myself confined to a small one-bedroom flat in London with no outdoor space. As a sports and lifestyle photographer, I relied on interactions with people to create my images, but the pandemic had all but dried up my work.

As the lockdown rules gradually eased, my friend Jack Boniface and I saw an opportunity to escape to the Scottish Highlands and shoot a short film featuring Tom Tindale, an expert in outdoor survival skills. It was a world away from the hustle and bustle of London, and being in the midst of nature felt liberating.

The filming process was both challenging and exhilarating, as we captured Tom's skills and outdoor lifestyle on camera. The experience gave me a new appreciation for the beauty and power of nature, and reminded me that even in the midst of a pandemic, there are opportunities to create and find beauty.

These behind-the-scenes images offer a glimpse into the making of the film, and serve as a reminder of the importance of adapting and embracing change, even in the most trying of circumstances.

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